Kerr Ingram Executive Search and Selection


Care taken in preparing an effective brief
All my clients receive a highly specialised and personalised service. I always meet with the client myself and ensure I obtain a detailed assignment brief. Often business leaders and departmental heads are too busy to supply a written brief and my knowledge of the full spectrum of property specialists, and the industry in general, is particularly helpful at this stage. The contract can only be as good as the brief so it is essential that I take the time and trouble to ensure the brief is comprehensive, accurate and effective in describing the role available and the profile of the ideal candidate.

Protecting the client company’s image, confidentiality and existing relationships
When the brief has been cleared by the client I draw up the first approach list and, if the position is to be advertised, prepare draft copy for the advertisement. The approach list is then authorised by the client to ensure approaches are not made to potential ‘targets’ whom the company may not wish to employ or is presently doing business with. All approaches are made by myself and discretion and confidentiality, for all parties, is assured.

Unbeatable access to top performers
The Kerr Ingram name is highly regarded in the UK property sector and this facilitates access to the most senior individuals in the industry. Top performers are frequently approached on behalf of their employer’s competitors and it is essential they know and respect the search consultant if they are to agree to a meeting to discuss alternative opportunities.

In-depth and persuasive interviews
My extensive knowledge of the property sector informs the interview process, enabling me to obtain all relevant information from the target candidate and to effectively describe the role on behalf of my client. Specialist knowledge of the sector is essential in ‘selling in’ the role and knowing the triggers which will persuade a successful and ambitious property professional to go forward for the position under discussion.

Verbal references obtained prior to client interview
Once I have identified a suitable candidate, prepared a professional assessment on him/her and short-listed for client interview, I then check with my own market contacts to ensure the candidate has the skills and experience stated and the market profile implied. Where appropriate I will obtain verbal references from senior business leaders, prior to the client interview, to further inform and assist with the client’s final selection process.

Unique twelve-month Quality Placement Guarantee
I provide a unique, no questions asked, Quality Placement Guarantee, in accordance with my company’s Standard Terms and Conditions, which allows the client company twelve months to ensure they are fully satisfied with the candidate selected.

Highly competitive, capped fees
As I am not supporting a business empire and am in the lucky position of working for only those clients I wish to work for, I am able to provide competitive fees which invariably prove a considerable saving on those charged by non-specialist executive search organisations. I then cap the fee to ensure impartiality in the salary negotiation process between client and candidate.

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