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Outplacement Services

The impact of redundancy affects not only those who find their careers suddenly on hold – but also the image of the employer and sense of security and wellbeing of remaining staff. How the process is handled – and what support services are offered – will inevitably make all the difference to achieving the best possible outcome for everyone concerned.

Outplacement services were originally developed in the United States to ease the transition, for newly unemployed professional staff, from the shock of redundancy to full time re-employment. It is now considered ‘best practice’ in the UK for responsible employers to offer Outplacement services to professional staff when carrying out redundancies.

The Kerr Ingram Outplacement Service is dedicated exclusively to Chartered Surveyors. Our in-depth knowledge of the UK property sector ensures proper understanding of each surveyor’s specialism and his/her unique skills and experience. Extensive contacts, developed at the most senior level in the property industry, facilitates early recognition of potential opportunities and helps ‘open doors’ for our Outplacement clients.

Employing the Kerr Ingram Outplacement Service ensures newly redundant property professionals receive the time, professional attention, and specialist support they need to manage their redundancy effectively and find the very best opportunities for new employment in their field.

The Kerr Ingram Outplacement Service includes:

  • Private consultation (up to three hours) with Patricia Kerr: Managing Director, Kerr Ingram.
  • Professional Assessment to accompany applications for new employment.
  • Practical guidance and advice including CV and skills evaluation.
  • Introductions/Contact List of chief decision makers within all relevant potential employing organisations.
  • Weekly communication for up to three months to support and help assess progress.

contact patriciaWhilst guided and supported by us, candidates on the Kerr Ingram Outplacement Programme make contact direct with potential employers who, therefore, are not required to pay an introduction fee to Kerr Ingram. Our fees are paid by the company employing the Outplacement Service for their departing professional staff – or by the individuals themselves.